Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just for a Moment We're All Together ...

Sharing isn’t always easy … even when it’s for your own kids, giving up the last brownie can be difficult.

But, like laughs and smiles and sunlight on a July morning, happiness is easy to share. So, I launch these simple little tales about Monty, our cat, and Marco, our dog into cyberspace, hoping the smiles they unfailingly bring me somehow end up on other faces.

Because who knows? In some internet galaxy far, far away it’s not inconceivable that an animal sucker or two might exist who would enjoy reading about a jokester like Monty or a charmer like Marco

And anyway, I’ve had enough animal friends to realize that no matter how long they live, our time for enjoying them is too brief. Writing about Monty and Marco is my effort to savor the moments I have with them, to slow down in some way the time we have to spend together.

“Just for a moment we’re all together,” says the daughter in the play Our Town. “Just for a moment, we’re happy.”

Yes – just for a moment we’re all together. That’s why I’m writing this blog.

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